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At The British School of Almería we offer a broad, high quality education which is totally different from any system that you would fi nd in other parts of the province.

Being a fully-accredited British school, we choose to follow the English National curriculum, carefully adapted to meet the specific needs of our diverse school community. Our curriculum is taught by experienced and qualified native teachers of English which provides our pupils with an authentic language learning experience across a wide range of subject areas. We also teach an essential part of the Spanish curriculum to our pupils through lessons in Sociales and Lengua.

Our school is a member of the renowned organisation NABSS (The National Association of British Schools in Spain) and has also recently been incorporated into the prestigious organisation International Schools Partnership, a British based educational group which supports and advises a wide range of successful schools across the globe.

illian Greaves, Principal

Gillian Greaves, Principal
The British School of Almería

Young Inspiration

At The British School of Almería we aim to inspire young minds and create bright futures for each and every one of our pupils, whether they choose to continue their education here in Spain, or take advantage of the countless international opportunities available to them.

Let’s start to build their future together.

Core Values

We have 8 core values that are central to becoming a happy and successful life long learner, they are:

Ambitious Respectful Inquisitive Compassionate Independent Reflective Resilient Open-Minded


Our students study the British curriculum, preparing for GCSE and A Level qualifications which will open doors to Universities around the world.

Students complement their studies with Spanish Language and Social Sciences from the Spanish curriculum which enables them to obtain the necessary Spanish school qualifications at the end of each academic year to ultimately gain access to Spanish universities. This means that our British system is fully compatible with and comparable to the education system in Spain. In the table below you can see how our two systems fit together (click to expand in another tab):

Both Systems The British School of Almería Claim The British School of Almería Students
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Amazing Learning

At The British School of Almería, our focus is on achieving “Amazing Learning” and improving each pupil’s learning is at the heart of everything we do. We want our pupils to explore and discover their strengths, fully develop their own individual skills and really push back the limits of their education. Following the British curriculum allows our teachers the freedom to deliver creative, innovative and inspiring lessons and for our pupils to become independent learners and critical thinkers.

Although academic success will always remain one of our principal aims, we also recognise the real importance of developing the social and emotional skills of our pupils and in helping them to recognise the key role they play in the wider community. We encourage our pupils to be confident individuals and responsible citizens, equipped with strong values and we also provide them with a range of opportunities to show how they can make a real, positive difference to theirs and other people’s lives.

Parent Testimonials

Laura I.

I am so proud about having chosen this school for my child, he is starting to be able to talk in two different languages and he is so happy that he also wants to come to school on Saturday and Sunday!

Maria M.

My three children studied at this school and all of them are now in University. I feel proud to have given them the best educational option: the one that has allowed them to achieve what they wanted.

Student Testimonial

Jose L.

One of the reasons why I would recommend this school because of its British System: it encourages every student to achieve his/her best and it helped me to find my real vocation. Even though I am not studying here anymore, every time I come back to this school it still feels like home.

Jose finished his A Level last academic year. Now, he is studying Business and Marketing at the Manchester University. He says he is already missing us!


Ana Naveros
Head of Admissions & Marketing

Please Come and Visit Us

We welcome individual visits from families as well as holding Open Days when we invite groups to come and witness our amazing learning and the excellence of our teaching. To book an appointment to come and get to know us better, please contact our Head of Admissions & Marketing, Ana Naveros who will be delighted to meet you and to explain in detail our admissions procedures.

Your children are also welcome to join us for a “Taster Day” to come and make new friends and to experience the warm and supportive teaching environment we offer

Our Location

Almería is a sea side city with a great ecological value due to its Nature Reserve. Much of its land is dedicated to intensive greenhouse farming, but its most important activity is the “sun and beach” type of tourism, having become the most important tourist resort in the province.


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Roquetas de Mar, Almería

Roquetas de Mar, Almería